Benefit from good relationships


We maintain excellent contacts with numerous professional associations with similar structures and objectives as well as with political authorities in Germany and European countries. The FWI also makes use of the membership of the European Tool Association (CEO), which is the link to the European institutions in Brussels. Intensive contacts to the most important customer associations, such as tool dealers, car workshops, the construction industry and other associations complete this network.

Research, product testing, certification

The FWI network also includes research and testing institutes such as the Forschungsgemeinschaft Werkzeuge und Werkstoffe e.V. (FGW) and the GFE Gesellschaft für Produktionstechnik und Entwicklung Schmalkalden e. V., the environmental and quality management certifier AGQS Qualitäts- und Umweltmanagement GmbH and the leading energy consultant ECG Energie Consulting GmbH.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hartwarenhersteller

The FWI is an active member of the Hardware Manufacturers Working Group (AGHH), a joint initiative of the associations Fachverband Schloss- und Beschlagindustrie e. V. (Velbert), Fachverband Werkzeugindustrie e. V. (Remscheid), Herstellerverband Haus & Garten e. V. (Cologne) and Verband Deutscher Schleifmittelwerke e. V. (Bonn).

The AGHH bundles the interests and goals of the hardware manufacturers and represents them as a competent point of contact for politics, business and society. A first joint position paper was published on the subject of the SCIP database, others are in preparation.